RULES SnD Server

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RULES SnD Server

Post by [CCS]ItzGame on Fri Aug 16, 2013 2:16 am

Basic rules of S&D server:

- Camp is allowed in defense !

- Camp is allowed in offence only defending planted bomb or last man standing and with sniper

- Do not try trolling! If you are last alive player in round, defuse a bomb without waiting! Otherwise you will be punished by KICK.

- You can not use Grenade Launcher, XM25 and M320 GLM, even on objects!

- RPG/SMAW can be used only against vehicles in the air! You can not use these weapons against Juggernaut or Assault Drone etc.

- punishment for using gl, rpg, smaw on people is KICK or TMPBAN (it's up to VIP/Admin to judge)

- Wallhack, Aimbot, No-recoil hack is punished by BAN !!! If you have been wrongly banned, visit this forum: If you cheated, there is no way to come back to our servers

- Impersonating or stealing nicknames Administrators or VIPs - punishment is KICK with reason: change your nickname

- Ping above 350 is not allowed and will be punished with KICK.

- Remember spaming the chat will be punished with a KICK.

- If the server has more than 14 players, from server will be kicked AFK (Away from Keyboard) people. If they are AFK more than 5 minutes (this rule does not apply for admins!)

-Names which contain vulgarity, racism etc are not allowed and they are punished with a KICK with reason: change your nickname.

-If your nickname is TeknoSlave,,,,,Player-Nosteam,Default,Default Player,User,SKIDROW,admin or     administrator change it. You will be kicked out of the game if you do not do this. You can change your name by clicking on settings when starting teknogods loader.

-Names that are made of characters such as #$%/(%/&# ...etc are not allowed and they are punished with a KICK with reason: change your nickname.

-Names that contain space between letters are not allowed and they are punished with a KICK with reason: change your nickname.

- Do not insult VIP and Administrators. We respect you, so you should respect us. If some Administrator/VIP insulted you, report it on our forum. Every insult will be punished with KICK/TMPBAN (depending of the situation)

- If you accuse an Administrator/VIP of cheating, think twice. If you have any suspicions, please report them on forum. You will be warned about what you did, if you persist with accusations you will be punished with a KICK !

- Do not kill yourself. If you do it all the time, you will be punished by KICK

- The attachment "Heartbeat Sensor" is officially banned, and is punishable by KICK/Tempban

- The launcher "Javelin" is NOT ALLOWED to be used on players.

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