XBox One is watching..

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XBox One is watching..

Post by [CCS]ItzGame on Sun Dec 29, 2013 2:01 pm

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The newest console from Microsoft could be used to spy on you in your living room.

To add to the controversy surrounding the XBox One, a week after it’s reveal, the company has come under fire for features that could gather more personal data from users than ever before.

Feasibly, the new device’s Kinect camera and microphone can be used to gather personal information and data since they’re always on standby mode waiting for user commands.

Tim Vines, director at Civil Liberties Australia has reportedly said that Microsoft has a lot to answer for regarding a product that has the ability to listen and watch everything a person does.

According to Vines, the XBox One meets the definition of a surveillance device under some Australian laws.

In Berlin, Peter Schaar, the city’s Federal Data Commissioner is inclined to agree. He calls the XBox One nothing more than a monitoring device under the guise of a gaming console.

Schaar believes this is a major breach of privacy, and iterated the fact that Microsoft could spy on his living room is a “twisted nightmare”.

According to Microsoft, it only aims to bring simplicity by creating a “powerful, all-in-one device of modern architecture.”

Privacy isn’t the only thing the XBox One has gotten Microsoft in hot water for. The console’s domain names were purchased by a UK man well in advance of the consoles unveiling and now the company is trying to kick the cybersquatter off it’s “property”.

There's more articles on this too. Search keywords "xbox one kinect NSA" Very interesting.

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