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Forum Rules

Post by Leks on Sat Feb 14, 2015 6:50 pm

Forum Rules


• English is the ONLY language spoken on this forum.

Application Abuse

• Do not recreate denied applications.
-This means you cannot recreate an application that has been denied by an admin.
• Do not apply to a server you don't play on.
-This means that you need to be an active player on the server that you're applying for.
• Do not create multiple applications.
-This means that you cannot create another application if you already have one pending.


• Do not necro Post.
- This means that if you do not have relevant information to an older post or topic, do not post. Topics like old introductions should not be posted in.
• Do not post off-topic.
- This means that you should not be posting irrelevant information, or derailing serious threads.
• Do not advertise.
- This means that there should be no promoting or advertising of other communites or products on the forums or servers.


• Do not over-use racial words.
- This means that words like the N-Word should not be overused.
• Do not racially discriminate.
- This means that you should treat everyone equally, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Personal Information

• Do not share phone, address and/or E-mail
- This means that we do not require any personal information from you, and prefer that you do not post things like your phone number for your own safety.
• Do not share someone's IP Address
- This means we do not promote sharing of IP Addresses, this is for your own safety.
• Do not share personal social network info
- This means we do not allow you to share someone's Facebook/Twitter/other personal social network without the permission from the support team.

User Respect

• Do not discriminate.
- This means that you should treat everyone the same, regardless of your like or dislike towards that person. Everyone should be respectful when responding to posts on the forums.
• Do not make threats.
- This means that you should not threaten to cause any harm in CCS, which includes things like threatening to DDoS CCS servers.
• Do not link/share Pornography.
- This means that you may not share any pornographic images or links anywhere on the site, including the shoutbox. Providing links to minors is against the law.
• Do not create threads to attack specific user(s).
- This means that there should not be threads created to hurt anyones feelings, or create drama. CCS promotes a friendly environment.


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